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Create brand awareness with promotional items from WB Sports & Promotional Wear in Woonona. Our services have been bringing first-class promotional wear and accessories to the Illawarra, Shellharbour and Wollongong regions since 1975. We understand that your promotional products are part of what makes your business unique and will often be the first impression people have of your business or team. That means your products have to be properly printed, stylish and of high-quality.

It’s no secret that the success of a business or brand can be driven by word of mouth and marketing. Getting your name out into the community will assist in bringing customers to your business and increase financial growth. So, when it comes to promoting your brand or business, you want quality promotional items to pass on to potential and existing clients, but not at a great expense. That is why we offer such a wide variety of products at prices you can afford. Even so, our items are of high quality. Our goal is to create products that your customers or team members will be proud to wear or use anywhere.
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WB Sports & Promotional Wear offers affordable promotional accessories, including stubby coolers, water bottles, pens, bags, caps, key rings, even USBs. We can embroider, screen print and use the latest in sublimation techniques to transfer your logo and business name onto clothing, caps and accessories. If you do not have your own artwork already, we can help you create the ideal artwork or logo for your business. If you do have artwork, we will help you determine the best application methods and ensure you have your art in the right format for proper printing.

At WB Sports & Promotional Wear, we only use reliable and renowned brands for our promotional wear, including t-shirts, jacket, hoodies, shirts and uniforms from reputable brands such as Biz Collection, JB’s, Aussie Pacific, Bocini, and Be Seen. By providing quality products, you can ensure that customers will be proud to use your promotional items anywhere they go.

In addition to our promotional products, WB Sports & Promotional Wear are also uniform specialists. We are experts when it comes to branding school, corporate, club and sports uniforms. We can transfer almost anything you want onto your selected item using our embroidery, screen printing and sublimation techniques. Logos, slogans and sports numbers on the back of sports jerseys or promotional products, we do the lot! There is virtually no limit to what we can achieve.
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To see how we can assist you with your promotional and sportswear requirements, contact our friendly staff at our Woonona store. We will be glad to assist you by walking you through our range of products, helping you choose an application method or even helping you design a logo or artwork to add to your items. Give us a call and speak to our trained and professional staff in Woonona today. There is no obligation to buy if you call for a consultation.