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School uniforms in Wollongong

Corrimal High School — Sports uniforms  in Woonona, NSW
More and more schools are turning to school uniforms to benefit their students. While there has been some debate on the use of uniforms, it has been shown time and again that having students wearing uniforms is a way that can promote school spirit and put the focus back on academics rather than treating school as a fashion show. WB Sports & Promotional Wear can help you create the perfect school uniform for your school to not only give your students an attractive and professional appearance but also remain in keeping with your school's goals, colours and identity.

There are many benefits to having school uniforms. If you are on the fence, consider these points:

School uniforms cut down on the amount of violations students have to face in terms of how they are dressed. Most schools have a dress code, and it's no secret that students often wear attire that is not in accordance with these codes. This leads to students being reprimanded for inappropriate attire, and sometimes even leads to suspension or detention, which can put students behind on lessons. Uniforms eliminate this issue.
Women Basketball Team — Sports uniforms  in Woonona, NSW
School uniforms also cut down on bullying related to fashion choices, since everyone will be dressed the same. There is no overthinking about what to wear or competing to see who has the top brands or most fashionable clothing. It also prevents students from flaunting social status through their clothing styles or brands, putting all students on a more even playing field from the beginning and encourages equality and friendship between students.

School uniforms increase school spirit. Dressing in a cohesive manner gives students the feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves and creates a feeling of pride in their school. This promotes school spirit as well as teamwork on a smaller scale between students themselves.

School uniforms make it much easier for the school's administrators to see who is and is not a student. This makes identifying people who shouldn't be at the school easier to accomplish and enhances school safety measures.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons for adopting school uniforms at your school, and we can help you choose the right items for the task. We can provide embroidery, artwork formatting, screen printing and much more. We will also help you identify the ideal uniform type for your school setting, whether you want to have custom polos printed, school hoodies, jackets and other promotional materials.
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If you are ready to get started with designing and printing your school uniform, get in touch with us today. One of our trained associates will be happy to help walk you through the process of getting your uniforms in time for the next school year. We offer options in a range of sizes and colours or you can bring in your own clothing from another source and we can provide the printing or embroidery services.